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Bike gloves with silicone inserts for maximum sensitivity and ultimate grip.

The perfect relationship between rider, bike, and trail. HG CADDO gloves are designed to guarantee that maximum sensation reaches the rider’s hands.

Only the thumb, index and middle fingers have silicone inserts since they need greater grip.

The palm is left free to feel the terrain at all times and to shift the hand's position on the handlebar.

The wrist is equipped with the practical Dainese HookButton™ system so that the gloves can be hooked conveniently and securely to the HG GRYFINO and HG IPANEMA shorts during climbs on warmer days.

Controlled performance is always at hand.

  • High strength synthetic fabric palm
  • Hook Botton™ fastener
  • Silicone screen print (thumb, forefinger, middle finger)
  • Slip-on design
  • Smartphone touch compatible
Click HERE for size guide and measuring instructions.