Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program

1. About Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program 

1.1 Introduction  

Welcome to Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program!  This program is designed to reward our fans like you with exciting benefits. By joining this program, you can gain access to private events and pop-ups, receive member-only promotions, and updates on the latest arrivals. Once you join our program, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your membership and earn rewards with every purchase you make. This program is managed by Ten Thousand Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and by signing up you agree to the Terms of Service


1.2 Applicability 

The Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program is available in-store, online at ridelah.com and on the Ridelah Mobile App in Malaysia only. Every purchase, including cross-country purchases with Dainese Kuala Lumpur , will contribute to your Loyalty Rewards Program, and points can only be redeemable within Malaysia. 

1.3 Ridelah Loyalty Program Benefits 

EARN - Earn points when you shop with Dainese Kuala Lumpur, whether it is online at ridelah.com, in-store, or through the mobile app.  
UNLOCK - Unlock exclusive privileges with each new membership tier. 
REDEEM - Redeem rewards and enjoy membership privileges. 
TRACK – Easily view your purchase history and product warranty details. 

2. About Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program Tiers 


2.1 Introduction  

The Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program consists of FOUR Tiers: Insider, Member, Elite Pro, and Champion. The Insider Tier is available for registration without any minimum purchase requirement. The Member, Elite Pro, and Champion Tiers are accessible with a minimum purchase of RM2,500 and above. Please refer to the table below for a detailed breakdown:
Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program Tier Minimum Purchase Requirement
Insider  None 
Member  RM2,500 and above
Elite Pro RM 7,500 and above 
Champion RM15,000 and above
Please note that the tier you belong to determines the exclusive benefits and rewards you can enjoy as part of the Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Program. 

2.2 Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Tiers 

Points earned in the Program will be valid for a duration of 12 months from the date of purchase. Once you achieve a tier status, it will remain valid for 12 months. Your Loyalty Rewards Program Tiers is determined by the accumulated spending amount within the past 12 months, whether in-store, online at www.ridelah.com or on the Ridelah Mobile App.  
Loyalty Rewards Tiers Insider Member Elite Pro Champion
Minimum spend required - RM2,500 RM7,500 RM15,000
Maintain Tier status Any amount RM1,000 RM1,000 RM1,000
Tier status extension N/A 900 pts 900 pts 900 pts
Earn points 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0
Earn points for sales items 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
  • Loyalty rewards tiers status is determined by accumulated or one-off spending within 12 months. 
  • Tier status maintenance can be maintained by spending a minimum amount of RM1,000 within 12 months. 
  • 900 points are required to extend the tier status for the next 12 months. 
  • Earn 0.5x Ridelah Loyalty Rewards points for every RM1 spend on sales items.  
  • Earn 1.0x Ridelah Loyalty Rewards points for every RM1 spend on regular price items for Member users; 1.5x for Elite Pro; and 2.0x for Champion.  

    2.3 About Ridelah Rewards 

    2.3.1 Introduction 

    Each tier of the Loyalty Rewards Program may entitle you to various offers in addition to rewards.  
    Rewards Insider Member Elite Pro Champion
    Redeem points
    Members only promotions
    Private sales early access
    Exclusive private events
    • Redeeming your Ridelah Loyalty Rewards points will not affect your progress or qualification within Ridelah Loyalty Rewards Tiers.  
    • You will continue to enjoy the benefits of your tier if you meet the minimum total spend of RM1,000 yearly.  
    Ridelah’s Loyalty Rewards Program is non-transferable. Ten Thousand Holdings Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to amend the terms of service without prior notice.