The Smart Jacket - Ready to Ride

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Ready to ride

Wearing Smart Jacket protection is really simple.
You just have to put it on.

Choose your Smart Jacket​

One jacket for men and another for women with distinct fits and six sizes for each version. Everyone can have their own Smart Jacket. Choose the right one for you.

Open the pack

It's got everything you need to experience the freedom of protection: the user manual and a USB cable for connecting the jacket to a computer and for recharging the battery. And of course, the Smart Jacket itself.

Register your Smart Jacket

Connect the Smart Jacket to your computer with the USB cable then go on and follow the instructions for registering and unlocking your jacket. Remember: You need to complete this simple procedure and read the user and maintenance manual carefully before you can begin using it.

Charge the battery

and wait for it to reach 100% before you use the jacket for the first time. It's easy to recharge the Smart Jacket battery with the USB cable provided. Connect it to a computer or to an electrical outlet with a smartphone transformer.

Wear it wherever and however you want​

The Smart Jacket is so versatile you can wear it with any outfit: motorcycle jacket, rain jacket, suit, T-shirt, shirt. Whatever you want. You're totally free to wear it over or under any other clothes.

Check how much space you've got under your jacket

To wear the Smart Jacket comfortably under another jacket, you need a space of at least 1.96 inches all round in between the two. Check that you have this much space before wearing it.

Adjust your Smart Jacket

Use the easy-to-handle velcro straps inside the Smart Jacket to adjust the waist for a perfect fit, whether it's over or under your clothes.
Adjust it to your outfit and personal preference.

Switch on the Dainese D-air® system​

It takes one simple and straightforward action, just like fastening your helmet. Fasten the button on the neck of the Smart Jacket and you'll feel a vibration on your chest: Dainese D-air® system is on. Now you're free to safely enjoy any two-wheel experience.

Check the multi-led display

The status of the Dainese D-air® system is always shown on the multi-LED display on the left side of the chest. It's easily visible from your motorcycle mirror. If you want to wear the Smart Jacket under other clothes, it's no problem: A vibration will let you know when the system is correctly armed.

Ride however and wherever you want.

Smart Jacket was created to protect all motorbike riders, on any road and every motorcycle. Wearing it gives you the freedom that only the highest levels of safety on two-wheels can offer. The confidence to steer your own course, without any distractions.

All the protection of a Dainese D-air® airbag with all the lightness of a vest.

All the safety of the Dainese airbag system used in MotoGP™ and developed in more than 25 years of research on the road and track is now encapsulated in a convenient vest that fits any road situation. The Smart Jacket monitors what's happening around the rider 1,000 times a second. It always activates the Shield when necessary, and only then, to provide the rider with maximum protection. Freedom like this didn’t exist before and won’t be done without ever again.



Before purchasing and using D-air®, please carefully read the instructions and warnings in the User Manual.