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Dry LS is the men’s long-sleeved base layer jersey ideal for use throughout the year and in the hottest season because of the construction in Dryarn hydrophobic fabric, a technology that optimizes the process of managing sweat and moisture, keeping the body dry at all times.

Because of its superior level of breathability and the ability to remove sweat and moisture from the body, Dry LS is the ideal long-sleeved jersey for the hottest season, as it guarantees the utmost freshness and feeling of comfort even in the most intense moments of activity.

The lack of seams allows for great comfort and mobility. Reinforcements on the most frequent contact areas guarantee the utmost comfort and durability for the garment.


  • Abrasion resistant, tear resistant and anti-pilling
  • Bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic and anti-odor
  • Differentiated armours
  • Made in Italy


  • Armor Pad for added comfort on contact areas
  • Seamless build for superior comfort


      • 15% Polyamide
      • 5% Elastane
      • 80% Dryarn®
      • Environmentally-friendly fibre and 100% recyclable


        • Active moisture management
        • Air Grid to increase perspiration
        • Keeps you dry from moisture
        • Maximum breathability for triboelectric charging