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The state-of-the-art motorcycle suit.

Constructed of high-quality D-Skin 2.0 full-grain cowhide, Misano 3 Perf. D-air® is designed to offer maximum levels of performance and safety on the track. Maximum performance is ensured by the technologies used to make the suit, with the result that it’s extremely ergonomic and lightweight.

A development of the triaxial concept, the innovative pentaxial elasticity system on the back allows greater freedom of movement and increased mobility on leans, given by the ability of this technology to extend in five directions and smoothly adapt to the rider’s movements.

The Misano 3 Perf. D-air® is equipped with the D-air® RACING SHIELD 3X system, featuring the convenient Racing Shield airbag with patented microfilament technology supporting up to 3 activations. The system covers the neck, collarbone, and shoulder areas and can be recharged by independently replacing the state-of-the-art gas generator.

For the highest levels of ergonomics and comfort, the suit features the Veloce Racing Neck system which reduces pressure on the neck while increasing freedom of movement, Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulders and soft inserts on the hips. The cuffs have self-locking zippers to replace the conventional Velcro, and the Soft Edges Construction system on the nape and cuffs allows adaptable fit for all arm shapes and lengths and enormous comfort.
All the ends are made of soft anti-abrasion fabric, comfortable and resistant.

The aluminum plates on the knees, shoulders and elbows – an iconic Dainese feature – are designed to assist the slide in the event of an accident. The Replaceable Slider System (RSS) makes it possible to change the knee slider without changing the position of the base attached to the Velcro on the suit. The sliders at the elbows can easily be adjusted to two pre-defined positions, according to preference and the lean angle reached.

Safety combines with thermal comfort, ensured by perforated fabric on both sides of the suit and larger ventilation areas at key points.

The in- & out-boot system that allows the boot to be worn both in and out of the suit as well as foot and ankle protection, the waterbag kit, and the new washable removable inner lining round out the features of this revolutionary motorcycle suit.


1 Zip calf construction with Boots-in system
D-air® FRS Gas Generator
D-air® Racing Shield airbag, 3 activations
EN 17092 AAA certified motorbike garment
Interchangeable Elbow Slider RSS 4.0
Interchangeable Knee Slider RSS 4.0
Waterbag kit


Aerodinamica Racing Hump
Pentaxial elasticated system on the back
Soft edges construction
Veloce Racing Neck

D-air® airbag system
Seamless aluminum plates on elbows
Seamless Racing aluminum plates on shoulders
Soft protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard Lev. 1 on shoulders

Breathable mesh lining
Localized perforation


D-skin 2.0 full grain cowhide leather


1. Exchange/Refund Policy: Please ensure the sizes are correct before proceeding with the airbag registration. Once registered, we cannot accommodate exchanges or refunds. If you've purchased online and are uncertain about the sizing, reach out to us or schedule an e-concierge appointment at Our team stands ready to guide you.

2. Registration Process: If you bought online, and are unsure of the registration process, kindly contact us/ book an e-concierge via, our team will be happy to assist you.

3. Warranty Claims: Incidents related to user deployment are excluded from warranty coverage. Decisions on such issues are at the discretion of Dainese After Sales team, not us (Ten Thousand Holdings Sdn Bhd.)

4. Airbag Replacement: Only individuals certified by Dainese can undertake airbag replacements.

5. Airbag Inspection: We cannot proceed with the replacement or exchange of the airbag if the outer layer of the D-Air Racing Suit fails our safety inspection, as it risks compromising safety.

By purchasing the D-Air Racing Suit products, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Please review them carefully prior to registration.

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